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I grew up with a love of stories and of creative writing.  I was an avid reader, hungrily fueling my imagination with a thousand different journeys.  Strange new places, fascinating characters and philosophical questions which have kept me hunting for answers all my life.

Story-telling is a beautiful art;  we can be uplifted, inspired, disturbed, calmed, moved to action and so much more.  It can capture emotions that we thought beyond words, show us that we are not alone in our humanity and help us more easily question firmly held beliefs.

My heart tells me to write stories… and I’m happy to listen… hopefully you are too.

Tania has had articles published in CLIMB magazine, FALLINE magazine, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) Website, Trailrunner (USA), and is a regular contributor to CICERONE Press online site.  Click on each article below to read more.


Letter to me: advice for wannabe Mountain Guides

BMC Website    08th Nov 2013

Norge På Langs: Articles on Ski Traverse of Norway 2018

Cicerone press website 16 Dec 2017

Fori bars Blog post  Nov 2017

Italian Article “Norvegia da un capo all’altro” (translated by Luigi Bertuzzi)based on the FORI guest blog post.

Published 01 Jan 2018

Pulsin Blog post   Nov 2017

Running Sardinia’s wild and rugged Selvaggio Blu:

Published by TrailRunner USA.         July 26th 2017

Timing is everything- Hard and fast on the Cassin Ridge

CLIMB Magazine  Issue 132 May/June 2016

Conquering the Alpine Arc:  Skiing from Vienna to Nice Winter 2015

Fall line Magazine    26th Feb 2016

Pala-del-Rifugio and Sasso d’Ortigo:  The Dolomites

UK    01st Sept 2012

Marvellous mercantouring

Cicerone-extra    01st Feb 2016

High magic in the Hoch Tirol

Cicerone-extra    01st Dec 2015

Experience the Mountains from a different perspective

Sportsister Online magazine 20th Nov 2013

Europe’s Best Long Rock Routes:  The North Ridge of Mont Agner 2872m

BMC Online Articles    11th Aug 2016

Ski touring in the Adamello-Ortler

Cicerone-extra    01st Dec 2014

5 of the best alpine routes to aspire to:  The traverse of Liskamm AD

BMC Online Articles    2nd Sept 2016

A Passion for Mountains:  High on the Sierras

ISBN 978-0-7198-0719-0  Published by