ClassicClimbs | Norway Update: FORI bars with me for my 2018 winter journey.
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Norway Update: FORI bars with me for my 2018 winter journey.

A few weeks ago FORI bars came on board to support me through my winter journey in Norway with their savoury snack bars.  These meat based snack bars use a traditional recipe and only grass-fed, free range meat combined with fruits, herbs, seeds and spices.  They are just the thing to sustain prolonged physical effort in cold temperatures and will work really well in combination with the other high protein bars that I’m using for the ski traverse.

They asked me to write a guest blog for them about why I like adventures such as these so much, and what helps me choose future adventures.  It set me thinking about some of the critical decisions that I’ve made along the journey of my life, decisions which have not just shaped my direction but also shaped my character.  If you’d like to read further then my guest blog can be found HERE.


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