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At heart I am an explorer; an adventurous soul  on a wonderful journey.  Pulled deeper into life by a powerful curiosity and imagination.

Continually surprised and often challenged,  at times cast adrift and others set soaring.  Fascinated by the interesting and unique characters I encounter at every step along my path…

…a life woven from intense and treasured memories of shared journeys with so many inspiring friends.

Come share an adventure with me today!

This last winter’s Amazing Adventure… 

NORGE PÅ LANGS 2533km, 566hrs of skiing and 82 days!

“The length of Norway on skis: Winter 2018″.

On 14th January 2018 I embarked on one of the longest and most challenging ski-journeys of my life.  I skied the classic Norge pa langs, from Lindesnes, the most southerly tip of Norway to Nordkapp in the far north, covering a distance of 2533km.

Approximate route 2500km

Alone and without any mechanized transportation I completed my journey in 82days.

My route will took me through some of the most remote mountains of Norway and the borderlands with Sweden and Finland.  For accommodation I used DNT Mountain Cabins, private cabins, hotels, motels, snowholes and even bivouacked for one night in a tunnel!  I picked up pre-placed resupplies of food, maps and other essential items at various points along the route. Initially daylight hours were short, and I faced doubts about the forthcoming conditions and poor weather as I travelled through the Settesdal mountains to Haukelister.  It proved to be a fantastic winter in terms of good snow cover, particularly in the south of Norway and extremely low temperatures, which preserved the quality of the snow for the duration of my journey.  Of the 2533kms I traveled I only had to walk 2% of them on foot, the rest I skied!  Through wild silent mountains, across hundreds of frozen lakes and rivers, linking beautiful and remote valleys, along quiet farm roads, cross country ski tracks and skooter tracks I found a way through this amazing country! Starting in mid-january I met few other skiers and had no winter waymarking to help with navigation.  I broke trail for hundred, thousands of kilometers and navigated my way in sometimes very challenging conditions.  I used metal edged Nordic touring skis with waxed bases and a facility to use a short “skin”.  The majority of the time I only needed to use blue grip-wax, but when the terrain was steeper or the snow more variable I used the short skins.  My clothing and equipment provided by Salewa and Dynafit proved perfect for the arduous conditions I encountered. From mid-Norway above Trondheim I had to be more self-sufficient and had to carry more supplies and travel much further distances between each night’s stay. The final sections across the Finmark plateau in the far north crossed a vast, featureless plateau littered with lakes and very exposed to bad weather.  I was again very fortunate to encounter very cold and stable conditions when I crossed this section in three long, challenging but incredible days.  In different conditions this section, similar to several other key passage points further south could have preventing me continuing safely. This has been the most rewarding, challenging adventure of my life so far… but at the same time it has been the most magical, inspiring, uplifting and memorable. Norge Pa Langs is one of the world’s great journeys whether you undertake it in summer or in winter.  Because of my passion for cross country skiing it was always going to be a winter journey for me but whoever completes this amazing route has worked hard and shares a special spirit! In winter the fastest known time for a winter traverse is 65 days but most teams take over 100 days.  For more information about the traverse take a look at this Norwegian website.  I am very proud to have taken 82days… and never to have felt rushed along the route.  I sometimes traveled big distances, but I love skiing long distances and I always skied with my head up, and my eyes and heart open to the beauty around me. I self-funding my adventure but raised money for the Ulysses Trust charity along the way, for whom I am an Ambassador.  For all those people who supported the Ulysses Trust financially and who supported me in spirit and sent messages whilst I was out there alone on my skis this winter- a massive Thank You! I was aiming to raise £10 000 for the Ulysses Trust and although I didn’t quite reach that target I was able to raise £9616 including the Gift Aid.  I am very pleased that this amount will go direct to Cadets to help them engage in positive life changing expeditions in future.

Tania is one of the most talented and versatile mountaineers that I have met.  Through years of dedication to her craft she has reached the pinnacle of her trade as a qualified mountain guide, whilst also finding time to develop her skills as a cross country skier and race coach. Her ability to transition from a cross country ski race, to hard rock climbing or scaling high Alpine peaks is testament to her immense personal talent and also her broad minded approach to the mountains.  She takes enjoyment from all aspects of her craft and especially from coaching young people and bringing them into the mountains.  I can think of few people more worthy of being an ambassador for the Ulysses Trust.”             Lt Gen Ivan Hooper   President Army Mountaineering Association.

Donate to the Ulysses Trust 25th Anniversary appeal and help motivate me towards my goal...

Donate to the Ulysses Trust 25th Anniversary appeal and help motivate me towards my goal...


Here you will find some of my recent adventures in the Alps and beyond…